Egyptian/Syrian cartridges. 1958 I believe

I have identified some 7.62x54R to be from Egypt. There are symbols represent 58. I’m just trying to learn more about this and I can’t seem to find anything, anywhere. I have many of them and besides being dulled they are in great condition. I realize they probably arent very desirable but I just want to know the story behind them. Thankyou. Todd.

Todd-Could you post pictures of the headstamps. It is pretty hard to help with such a vague description. You can go here for a series of pictures of Egyptian 7.62x54R. Perhaps that will answer your questions.

Thanx for the reply. I used that sight to ID them. If you go to the Egyptian Syrian section and look at the first row, the ones I have are the second one. MISR/58. There is nothing written about them and I have about 300 of them.

Todd–So, what exactly is it you want to know?

Well, I know you folks are collectors so I hope I dont irritate any of you but here it goes. I just want to know if they are junk rounds. Was the quality control so bad that some will go off or if some are filled with half of the powder than they should be. Or if they were a decent round. In regards to performance, are they duds. Or is it just an unknown and I have to find out by sending a couple downrange. Basically, what are these cartridges reputation. Again thankyou and if I sound ignorant on the subject well, I am.

Generally speaking, because of liability, we do not advise people on this forum whether or not to shoot surplus ammunition. That said, I have shot Egyptian 9mm Para of similar era and found the ammunition to be mediocre but not poor. If shot, it should be treated as corrosive ammunition unless someone knows better.

These factories were advised and partially equipped by Russian advisers during the Nassar period.

If anyone has any confirmed negative reports on this 7.62 x 54R ammunition, I think they should post it. Negative reports are more important than positive ones. That is, recommendations against firing the ammunition, if well-founded, are more important than recommending firing it, which I suppose we shouldn’t do at all.

Todd–First of all, if your talking about cartridges in any form or fashion, it is VERY difficult to irritate us cartridges collectors, so don’t worry about that. As for sounding ignorant on the subject, join the club. I have collected cartridges since 1958 and I am STILL ignorant on the subject. So, NEVER think there is a question too dumb to ask us about cartridges.

As for the shootability of your 1958 Egyptian made ammo, I can not give you any answers as I don’t shoot at all since I have no guns, but there are plunty of others on this Forum who do and will be glad to give you their opinion. What can not be discussed is anything about reloading. For liability reasons we do not allow that.

Thankyou. Yeah, I’m not looking for “yes its great stuff” or anything. I guess what I want to hear is “yes the quality control in those factories was non existant.” Ya know? My curiosity remains directed towards the area of the quality at the time it was made. Not the safety in shooting it now. Ive shot cartridges much older. The condition of these is great. (on the outside.) So I guess my revised question is “what were these cartridges reputation when they were coming out of the factory?”