Egyption Cartridges

Here is a selection of Egyption loadings
11+50R By E&A Ludlow Bros.Birmingham 1869-70 copper primer PP
11+50 Rem Shot load Wood sabbot
11.5+50 Mod 1869 Egyption Werder Rifle UMC
11+50 K35 433 E.REM Riot load
11+50 433 Rodman Crispin Patent Egypt 1870 coiled brass case

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I just realize that your egyptian cartridge made by UMC look to have the same bullet that the one I assume to be a 11,3x50R Beaumont Model 1871

No I got it as a Mod 1869 Egyption Werder Rifle so far I have not been able to find out more about it
I have one more book to snoop in but I have my doubts some of those old large cal cartridges that are
not stamped can sometime be a real problem in particular when info is not available.

I have no doubt on what you said, it’s just that I’m wondering if mine (the one I thought it is a 11,3x50R Beaumont) could be also like yours a 11x50R Egyptian.
Could you provide me measurments of this Cartridge, please?

Happy to oblige Here are the numbers for the Egyptian Werder Rifle
Head 570
mouth 486
case lenght 1940
Bullet 452
These are measurements of the Beaumont round in my possession and pretty well mach with
what is given in Hoyems Vol 2
Head 574
mouth 484
Case lenght 2025
rim 675
bullet 459 the measurements of these 2 cartridges are very close. Sherryl

Thank you sherryl, below are measurments of mine
Head 568
mouth 484
case lenght 1941
Rim 656
Bullet 454
Measurments tend to proove that it’s an egyptian solid case cartridge and not a Beaumont, thank you very much for your help.

Apologies for posting the same material on two threads. I had some difficultes appending a quotation from this discussion…briefly it felt like going to infinity and beyond.