Einstecklaufe for the Kar98


Does anyone have any examples of the Einstecklauf f. Kar.98 that allowed a 4mm M20 target round to be fired using a bored through steel dummy cartridge. I have only a rimmed version of the EL that would not function in the Kar 98.



I have a 1930s Erma catalog that does mention the type (it’s the ‘Model 5’) but does not show an illustration of the system.

It basically was just a solid dummy S-round with a 4mm threaded barrel inside it and a chamber for the 4mm M20 round. So a complete barrel + chamber combined in the size of a rifle round that was loaded into an existing, unmodified rifle, just like a normal rifle round.

No modifications were done to the rifle whatsoever.

The Model 5 was cheap, only 2.49 RM, compared to the 30 - 35 RM that a .22lr conversion kit sold for.


For completeness sake:

Erma advertised with these different rifle subcalibre sets in the late 1930s:

The Erma Model 1.
-This was a conversion kit consisting of a rifled barrel insert of 52 - 60cm in lenght with complete chamber and bolt assembly that was fed into the rifle after removing the original bolt. This was a .22lr kit which could also be ordered as a box-magazine version.

The Erma Model 3.
-A .22lr conversion kit that consisted of a barrel insert, which was fastened into the rifle using a locking nut at the muzzle. The system used the bolt of the original rifle, the .22lr round being fed into a dummy rifle round which had it’s own little extractor. A .22lr round was fed into the dummy rifle round, the dummy round being loaded like a normal rifle round. During extraction the .22lr round was extracted from the dummy.

The Erma Model 5.
-See previous posting. A single solid metal rifle round with incorporated 4mm M20 threaded barrel and chamber. Effective for 5 - 20m range.


Thank you for the additional information from an Erma catalog. I have an Akah catalog from the late 1920s and a Geco from the late 1930s, but the EL f. Kar 98 was not pictured. I know Lothar Walther currently makes the EL f. Kar 98, but I did not know who made it in the 1920s/1930s. There is no marking on my rimmed 8mm EL. I wonder if such a simple design was patented.

I notice the illustration in your answer without an off-site photo resource. Did you prepare your answer on a word program and then imbed the photo so it would appear in your answer?



I typed the answer first, then uploaded the photo and edited the answer so I could include the link.

The Deutsches Patent und Markenamt (DPMA) has an excellent online patent search database, if Walther patented the round (what they most probably did) chances are it is in there. The records have some gaps and many have been restored using copies of Swiss patents, but it is a good place to start nonetheless.

depatisnet.dpma.de/DepatisNet/de … einsteiger


Well, I did look around in the DPMA database, but couldn’t find any suitable Walther patent. Did find a large number of weird and wonderful subcalibre contraptions, including one from Mauser which used a modified K98 bolt as the barrel and chamber for a 4mm M20 round…

Indoor short range practice was very popular, so many producers jumped on that wagon. I saw patents from Polte, Mauser, Carl Walther, Lothar Walther, RWS, all the regulars…



Thank you so much for that link.

Regarding the posting instructions, as I understand you, it is still necessary to provide an off-site link where an image is located? I thought that you had prepared a submission that included an imbedded image, thus avoiding the off-site requirement. I don’t use an off site location for photos. I am only familiar with uploading photos to the forum site.


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Here is an antic one for sale on egun …



The Lienhard version is not quite the same as the single cartridge EL I was looking for. Thank you for posting the egun advertisement. It is very interesting but sadly not importable in an easy manner.