Elder collectors living alone with stockpiles

As to why any legally owned property would not simply go through an otherwise typical estate process and be set aside for inheritance I can not understand, but if anyone knows of any collector, hoarder, or compiler of ammunition, be it collectible, shooting ammo, or other who lives alone and is getting on in years… Please convince them to have a proper last will & testament, and some sort of plan so that potentially overbearing police in places such as California, Illinois, New Jersey, etc… don’t seize it and destroy it: … 6.5 tons!!… In 115gr 9x19mm terms, that would be 539,616 rds of ammo


Blimey … whatever next !

“military-type vehicles, including a possible amphibious vehicle that travels by land and water.”


FWIW, the pics I’ve seen show lots and lots of cases of shooting ammo, but you do bring up a good point about us collector/hoarders.

I would worry that in a situation like this, if he had some sort of collection of interesting stuff on the side, as in 95% shooting ammo - 5% collection ammo, that they would just take the collection ammo and destroy that too. Not that the destruction of either is warranted (or legal?) - the destruction of the shooting ammo bothers me in any case.

[quote=“enfield56”]Blimey … whatever next !

“military-type vehicles, including a possible amphibious vehicle that travels by land and water.”

I saw this reported on another forum. By that sentence they meant a Toyota pickup with a snorkel kit fitted. Just more media sensationalism.

The media has convicted this man and the police love the media turning public opinion against him.

There is nothing inheritently illegal about owning 1200 guns or 7 tons of ammo, an amphibious vehicle or anything else they listed. They said nothing about the guns being banned types.

Where he got his money? Unless it’s illegal, it’s none of their damn business.

It does sound like he had some interesting history though, depending on if it’s made up or not. His “fiance” of 17 years? She helped him into the vehicle and covered him with a blanket to decompose? yeah, weird story. How much cash (gotta be guilty if you have cash! Thank you guilty cash seizure laws!)

But seriously, I hate the way the police treat confiscated guns, destroying their value by stacking them up like firewood. That’s assuming they don’t get their way and actually destroy them.

I hate police seizing cash, because it’s just cash and you shouldn’t have that much of it.

If you have anything you care about, and someone you care to leave it to, write a will.