Eldest Son Article

I know the project has been discussed here before, but I found this article linked on another forum I frequent. I haven’t seen it here before. Enjoy the read.

I can confirm that this certainly went on over there as my good friend’s late father was involved in handling this type of ammo, and had told stories of leaving it to be picked up by the enemy. His name was Vitauts Knuble, and his obituary from just over a year ago reads like a literal superhero biography (must read):

I remember during the war seeing an article in a gun magazine that told of this going on with 7.62x39 ammo stashes. according to that article that it was the work of some cleaver GIs that used a bullet puller, a 310 lyman seating tool and a can of UNIQUE. When finding a stash they would carefully pull the bullets of a few rounds, replace the powder charge with a full case of UNIQUE and reseat the bullets and carefully disperse the tainted rounds throughout the stash and leave it looking like it had never ever seen the light of day nor hands of the U S GIs.