Electric primer deactivation


I have an electrically primed experimental small arms cartridge (.30" or under) an associate overseas would like to obtain. I have chemical processes to kill the standard impact primers, but don’t know squat about these things. I would be drilling a decent sized hole in this to remove the propellant long before I tackled the primer, so the only safety concern I would have is to be sure the hole faced in safe direction.

If anyone knows, or has a suggestion of, a method to spark off the electric primer, I sure would like to hear it PRIVATELY (to keep the IAA out of any issue of liability).

Once it has discharged, is it still active or does it have a chemical component also such that it is a one time deal? If the latter, would standard chemical deactivation render it legally safe to ship? I know the Remington electric primed ammunition produced a few years ago is strictly “one time only.” Is this true of the military designs circa 1957?