Electrically primed ammo

When was electrically primed ammo invented/introduced? What created electricity in early guns? If battery was used, surely the battery production was primitive, how did they insure the battery did not die from humidity/heat/poor wiring? Was primer design/composition changed from percussion? My undestanding is electric priming was first introduced in large calibre guns. In these heavy objects the advantage of electric priming of having NO delay betweet trigger pull and firing would be lost (like a human moving arms during trigger pull and thus changing gun’s aim).


Below are the descriptions of 2 batteries for initiating electric primers used with 6 inch B.L. Mk IV, V & VI Guns, 1892, Britain.



Example diagrams of electric verses percussion vent tubes used with the 6 inch gun:


Examples of Frankford Arsenal made friction & electric primes, 1886:

Obturating Friction & Electric Primers, F.A., Chief of Ord. Rep., Appendix 21, 1886.pdf (372.6 KB)


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