Electronic Systems International Inc

Thanks to Brian I stumbled over a US company named Electronic Systems International Inc. from Lancaster, PA.

They made 40x46SR cartridges (M433) or components for and known activity is at least in 1981.

The only reference I can find in the web (in relation to Lancaster, PA) is a company named Wacor Electronic Systems, Inc..
They might be the same company or part of it or a successor or also being totally unrelated.
Also I am not able to find any of the two in the US 1999 manufacturer code list.
Anybody out there who knows more?

Alex, is this related to another thread started by Brian? I’m not able to find it.


The source of Alex’s question, below are 2 drawings (put back together by Alex from multiple scans I made) from ESI:


Brian, thanks a lot, great drawings.

This was part of a technical data package made for South Africa by International Signal and Control Corp. (manufacturer’s symbol “ISB”) through their subsidiary Electronic Systems International Inc., both located at Hempland Road, Lancaster, Pennsylvannia.



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Fede, again you made me speechless! :-)

Thanks a lot!!!

I did a web search and found some interesting background on them:

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