Eley 10 gauge Winchester Cannon blanks

Here’s an interesting box of Eley 10 gauge blanks for use in the Winchester cannon. While the label states that the shells were made at the Eley-Kynoch factories, they have a Federal Cartridge Corp ‘Made in USA’ with the flying duck headstamp. The shells are 2 3/16" long and have plastic hulls. Is anyone aware of other boxes marked for the Winchester cannon?

Hi Guy !
What is a winchester canon ?
A yacht canon ?
It is not too old,sin’t it ?

This was a breech loading saluting cannon made by Winchester Repeating Arms Co beginning in 1903. I believe they were made into the 1940s. Production was again started in the 1980s or 1990s and continues today, though I don’t believe any of these later ones were actually made by Winchester.

Here a picture of the cannon:

Hi Guy !

is this gun shooting shotshells bigger than 10 gauge ??

jean-pierre, the Winchester 10 gauge cannon was made only in 10 gauge. The model number was 98. Later models could be ordered chrome plated and with rubber tires.

ok thganks
it is for that i didnt know him. I am only documented on bigger canons (Strong , lafitte)


The “post-Winchester” 10 gauge cannons were made by The Bellmore Johnson Company, 242 Branford Road, North Branford, Connecticut 06471, under license from Olin/Winchester. They bear the W.R.A.Co. markings of the originals. Although I have sold many of these, I don’t recall if they were also marked Bellmore Johnson. I fell sure they are, though.

I didn’t bother to search this on the web - anyone interested can do that. I don’t know if they are still made today or not. They were very expensive. In 1998, the sold for: Standard Black: $350.00; Deluxe Chrome: $450.00; Presentation Brass: $600.00; Centennial Bronze (remember, 1998 was the centennial for this cannon, which first came out in 1898): $1000.00. One year later, the Chrome model was already up to $539.00 (the only variation I have a later price for at hand).

I have fired one of these. They will wake up your entire neighborhood!

John Moss

I agree they are quite loud. When I was at Clemson University, one of these Winchester cannons was fired each time the football team scored a touchdown. That was in the late 1960s at the end of Coach Frank Howard’s career, when the team was finding it hard to win 50% of their games, so the little cannon didn’t get a great amount of use.

Guy - the son of the owner of our store, who became the owner and my boxx when his dad passed away, actually got arrested for firing one of those in the middle of a boutique town in Marin County, here in California. They fired it from the back of a pickup truck. There were actually four of our people there and all got arrested. This was on the 4th of July - pretty ridiculous. It actually got to the lawyer stage before charges were dropped.
Typical California, and this was probably 15 or 20 years ago.

By the way - that Bronze version of the Bellmore Johnson Winchester cannon I mentioned was $1,000.00 in 1998 is now $2,199.99 (wonder why the couldn’t just say $2,200.00). Talk about inflation. Don’t think I’ll buy a dozen of them for my friends for Christmas this year!

The cannons are still made - at least they are still on the 2007 version of Bellmore Johnson’s web site.