Eley 15 mm Pinfire Box

Nice example of an Eley 15 mm pinfire box.


Headstamp on the ctgs contained therein ???

Thanks and regards

Eric, headstamp is ELEY.15.M: . LONDON ., brass case.



Nice box, thanks for sharing these pictures Fede

this is a variation for a 15mm Elex Box, same headstamp:



Great box Daniel!

Un saludo grande,


Two great 15mm boxes.
I remember in 1973 I earned $ 66 per week before tax and drove to Melbourne ,Vic and spent $50 on the empty box of 15mm Pinfires. The rounds were selling for $25 each at the time.
I drove home wondering why I wasted a weeks pay on an empty box.
I still have not found another one same as Daniel’s one. Now I say I did well but not worth a weeks pay at this moment. Cheers.

What a nice box! Daniel or Fede, Can you post a picture of this beside something common so people can realize the size of this? I bet it is massive!

That is a very nice box in fact both are. Below a 25 size label / box top & it is 4 inches across.

Hi Aaron

the dimensions are:
Length: 7.5 in
width: 5in
Tall: 1 3/4 in

Reference pictures with a 30-06 cartridge: