Eley 1914 or 1915 Pricelist - .45 ACP/32 Auto/380 Auto


Does anybody have a copy of the 1914/1915 Eley catalogues detailing the prices of the above ammunition.
yours hopefully


Mark, these are the prices detailed in the 1914-15 export price list:

.45 Colt Automatic, Ball, 200 Gr: £5 per 1000
.45 Colt Automatic (U.S.A. Government Model), Ball, 230 Gr: £5 per 1000

.380 Auto: Ball, 95 gr: £3 per 1000

.32 Auto, Ball, Solid, 75 Grains: £2 per 1000
.32 Auto, Ball, Soft Point, 75 Grains: £2 per 1000

My copy also includes an addendum with trade discounts for South America:

30% on all ball pistol cartridges listed above, except .32 Auto (25%).




Fede, Brilliant - Many thanks!


That presumably would be the wholesale prices rather than the retail prices?



Just checked with my 1914 -15 Home price list and strangely the prices shown are dearer than for the Export list.
.45 Colt auto is £5.5s per 1000, .380 auto is £3.13s per 1000 and .32 auto is £2.17s.6d. per 1000.



ArmourerJim - the difference in price may have something to do with
the tax structure differences between exports to other countries and sales
within England. Years ago, when I worked for the Army as a civilian for
a year or so, one on my colleagues who had worked in England for the US
Civil Service bought a Jaguar XKE. He actually flew to Germany to buy it
there, because it was cheaper than in England, due entirely to tax structures.

Thanks for sharing the info on the domestic price of those auto pistol cartridges.
Makes a nice complete picture when coupled with the previous entry from an
export catalog. Right up my alley, being the subject was auto pistol cartridges!

John Moss