Eley 500 Tin

Hi Pete.
That makes it much clearer. It is definately a 250 count tin. It is in a normal pistol cap sized 500 count tin. As you mentioned, they are huge caps! As I said, I learn something new every day.
Thanks for sharing this tin, I really appreciate it. It is not something that I would have noticed unless I actually had one of these tins in my hands. I suspect the likelihood of this happening is pretty slim. This is a very rare tin and made for only a short period.

If possible, could you put a cap aside for me? I would love to have one of these in my collection.


Here is Colt’s 10 Gauge 500 count variant. Found in cased 1855 Sidehammers.


Hi Fede.
I have this one, but mine is about 70% of what that tin you show. Very nice indeed. Now if I can just get the owner to swap his tin for mine…

This is obviously in a cased set as I can see the partitions. It goes back to ColtCollectors comment that the ones in the best condition are in cased sets (or have been removed from the cased sets and now reside in my collection).


So I guess all that remains now is that one of you kind gentlemen allow me to buy your Eley 500-count tin from you! :-)

Will - please, this is a family friendly forum :)

The book both Will & I mentioned by Robin is:
Rapley, Robin J., Colt Percussion Accoutrements 1834-1873. Graphic:Publishers, CA, 1994.
If you don’t have it you should look for it.

& I’ll be glad to sell you one of my tins IF & when I find a better one for my collection !

That would be great! I’d love buy yours when you find a better one. I don’t necessarily need a minty one. By the way, would you recommend Rapley’s paperback from 1994, or the hardback from 2006? Does it matter all that much? (hardback is three times more expensive)

Howdy ColtCollector
Only one I have to judge by is the 1994 version. I’m a primer / cap & ammunition collector, with a very few various flasks & no Colt tools or other bits, so a very limited interest in having up-dates, especially not knowing if enough new in it to make it worth while to me personally. Now an ammunition book…
Sorry, best I can do.
Will might have a thought?
Only Colt revolvers i have are a pair of 1862 Pocket Police, one original & one made in the 80’s & neither is in a case.

Thank you, maybe someone will come by and will have some insight as to how the two books differ. I concentrate on antique guns, and Colts in particular, and so my interest is in making sure I’m able to get the right accoutrement into the right case.

I was salivating over your “repeating holster” pistol cap tin, but what are the odds of my ever buying a cased Colt Dragoon to put that cap tin in? Given that I like only minty guns, not likely that I’ll have THAT kind of cash laying around any time soon… haha