Eley 7.63 mm Mannlicher Brick


Very neat Fede thanks

Is the headstamp known on these ???

They are headstamped ELEY · 7˙63 ·.



Thanks Fede.
Is there one h.s. eley mannlicher ? recall having seen one,but probably my memory is failing…

There is hard to find ELEY · LONDON · MAN’LR headstamp. Also unheadstamped examples.

Saw it long ago,but never got hold of it…unheadstamped by ELEY and maybe other mfg ?!

I have not identified any unheadstamped Eley round in 7.63 Mannlicher caliber. Does anyone have one that they can post a picture of the head from? I have a couple of unheadstamped rounds, but none with a primer that looks like Eley to me.

The specimens of this caliber I have from England are:

. MANN’LR . ELEY.LONDON Ball, CN FMJ RN, Copper primer
• ELEY • 7’63 Ball, CN FMJ RN, Copper primer
KYNOCH 7.63 (Primer “ICI” in intertwined letters) Ball CN FMJ RN Brass primer
KYNOCH 7.63 Dummy, same as ball but no primer
•KYNOCH• 7.63 Dummy, no primer , Brass FMJ RN bullet

Note - the Eley rounds have no stab-type neck crimps; the Kynoch rounds all have three stab-type neck crimps.

This is a nice cartridge to collect, with enough variations to make it interesting, albeit top-heavy, of course, in Austrian rounds, and not so many as to “break the bank” trying to get them all.

John Moss

Does the package contain five packets of 20 cartridges each?

You are correct Jim.

scan00051.pdfMT.How,BofS.pdf (562.8 KB) Fede,
Here is a picture of a box I have that may be like the ones in the 100 round packet

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