Eley 7 x 57 Mauser Clip, Dummy Cartridges

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Eley dummy cartridges in a clip/charger. Three of the ten total holes in the cartridges appear to have once had small screws in them, for attaching to a cartridge board?? The primers seem smaller than “normal” with a diameter of about 0.19". I am not sure if the clip is original or a more modern “replacement” ?? The clip has no markings.


Eley made 7x57 ammo during WW I for two uses: The Royal Navy’s small complement of Chilean M1912 Steyr Rifles ( removed from the Chilean Cruisers being Built before WWI, and inducted into the RN…The Rifles were then used for " Mine Sinking" ( NOT “Mine destruction”) by Minesweepers in the North Sea and the Channel. The ammo was supplied in ten round Packets with the additional stamping " For Chilean Mauser Rifles" on the “Normal” British Gov’t Wrapping.

The second use was for the Serbian Army in the enclave of Salonika, in Greece, from 1914-1917; There are also various references (Public Records Offices) to British Acceptance/Inspection teams visiting Chile, Brazil, etc., buying up both 7mm ammo and Surplus Mauser Rifles (Both M93 and M98 styles) for supply to Serbia, and also 7,65 cal. Rifles and ammo for supply to Belgian Troops.

The Dummy rounds would have been made from Factory Components, and the Holes drilled by hand…the rough edges show this. ( Not “screw Mounting”). Probably made up in the RN Depot workshops from Live ammo, deactivation of Primers by use of a solvent or salt water, etc, or Heat…Primer Crimp is original Factory. Of course, they could be from salesman’s “Display Boards”, and re-assembled into a clip.

BTW, the M1912 Steyr Rifles were “Sold to the Trade” in 1919-20, having been replaced on the Two Cruisers eventually returned to Chile by 1920, with Canadian Ross Mark III Rifles, (1916 make, “LC” marked); Rifles and Matching bayonets sold off by Chile in 1970s, all “D.A xxx” marked (Directorado de Armada…Naval Directorate).
Doc AV

Doc: Is it not possible that these cartridges are of pre-1914 manufacture? I believe I’ve seen pics of an early Eley cartridge board with 7 x 57 displayed, but unfortunately I left my Hoyem vol. 3 at home today. Jack

They need not have been “re-assembled into a clip” to have been Cartridge Board (display) dummies. I have seen, and believe we had at the store in our Cartridge Board Collection, British Boards with full chargers attached to the board. This may be a clip of dummies taken off of such a board, or originally made for that purpose but never mounted. All conjecture of course.

Also, I would check those holes very carefully to see whether or not, indeed, that there are screw-thread marks in them. While a lot of boards had cartridges attached by wires, some were screwed on (not sure if the Brits did this or not), which would make more sense for mounting a heavy item like a full clip.

Just some thoughts for furture additional investigation.

Hi Randy, as mentioned by Jack and John, these are the original cartridges and charger displayed in Eley’s boards c. 1905-10 titled “Eley’s Solid-Drawn Ammunition for Rifles and Revolvers”. The primer used in these cartridges is the .197 size that was replaced with the .215 by 1907-08. Regards, Fede.

Thanks, all…and especially Fede…
I knew I had seen pictures of Eley cartridge boards with full clips attached, and this is why I “hinted” at this idea in my original post. It would appear from the picture Fede posted that the clip is original…
John…you can’t really see “thread marks”, as the brass is relatively thin; having probably used sheet metal screws with a hefty thread pitch, the holes where the screws were are larger than the others and upset outwardly from the compression of the threads pulling against the case walls as the screw head settled on the back of the board…