Eley 9mm Browning Long

Recently purchased this inerted: Eley 9mm Browning Long (9 x20).
Have not been able to find this cartridge in the book: Eley Cartridges by C.W. Harding.

And the headstamp looks somewhat, ‘un-Eley.’

Case length is: 20.07mm

Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated.


Looks Eley to me. 100% & not to knock Mr. Harding’s wonderful series of books, like every book it has mistakes & omissions.

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Itg was natural for Eley to make this caliber, as Webley had made, as Model 1909 as I recall, two slightly different versions of semi-automatic pistol in this caliber. One was pretty much straight commercial, while the other was made for the Union of South Africa (now Republic of South Africa) I believe prmarily for police use.

Below is a picture of the commercial version and its specs on a data sheet from my catalog of a collection of auto pistols I had, long gone now as sold in the early 1970s. Photo by myself.

John Moss

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Many thanks to Pete and John for your comments and insight…greatly appreciated.


Here is proof that Eley made 9mm Browning Long cartridges with the headstamp you have. I photographed this headstamp through the glass on my Eley board.


Hi vidar,
Many thanks for your assistance with; “proof”…most grateful.

And; ‘wow,’ …what a board!


Vidar - I have almost the identical board from Eley as yours. Perhaps one board earlier, as mine has one less auto pistol cartridge on it. The board format is identical however, as is the frame.

Edit to change the quantity of auto pistol rounds to one less than Vidar’s board.


I don’t know exactly when my board was assembled, but the .303 Mk VI in the four round group at the bottom is headstamped E.13 VI. This of course only means that the board is from 1913 or later. There are no other headstamps with dates.

Interesting in looking at mine with the same primer and headstamp but I admit with a slightly different bunter, the CN-jacketed bullet is held with a different crimp.
eley 9mm BL  hs 9mm B L by Eley

Hi Pete,
I took another photograph from a different angle.

The crimp might have been altered when this round was made inert.

Pete - I have three ELEY variations in this caliber. One has much thinner letters than the ones pictured here. It has an unplated brass-jacketed bullet. It also has a lighter roll crimp at the mouth, although the bullet may have been pulled at one time, as on side of the “crimp” is actually curved out a little, like it has been distended. A second one is essentially like yours, but while the crimp is as heavy as yours, it is not so sharply defined. You don’t see and well defined “line” where the crimp begins, below the mouth. The third round has an even wider roll crimp, but again, not so well defined. It also has a different headstamp, with smaller letters and without the two short lines.

9 BL Eley Hstp

Sorry for the poor picture. It is lightly stamped, and the case has darkened with age, so I lightened it to give the best image I could get. It is a scan, not a camera-made photo.

Regarding the different crimp on the one originally shown. It also has a slightly different headstamp than mine. It appears almost like it is taper-crimped, rather than roll-crimped. Perhaps just a change in production?

John Moss