Eley 9mm Parabellum Auto (drawing)


Higher resolution scan available.




This was likely the original drawing for the Dutch contract for the Vickers Luger (thus the “V” on the headstamp).

As far as I know, no cartridges with this headstamp have ever been documented. I sure have never seen or heard of one.

There is some debate whether this cartridge was ever produced. Eley had produced 9mm Para cartridges by 1920. I have Eley drawings with commercial headstamps dated 1919. This drawing is likely the Eley proposal for the Dutch Vickers Luger contract. it may have never gone past the drawing stage, but I think it is quite possible that they delivered a bid sample to Vickers for testing. It is also quite possible that Kynoch, who owned Eley at this time, directed that this ammunition would have a Kynoch headstamp, not Eley and these cartridges were never produced.

The Eley drawing pictured is dated either January or March of 1920 as I read it. There is a Kynoch drawing showing the Kynoch headstamped round discussed below (with a “*” representing the date) dated April 1920 and another showing the “21 K” headstamp dated Oct 1920.

Kynoch offered the 9mm Parabellum in their 1914 catalog. Vicker Luger cartridges with Kynoch headstamps “20 K” (Date at 12 and “K” at 6) are known with dates of 1920 through 1923, though many of the 1922 dates show up in commercial Kynoch and Dominion boxes well into the 1930s. Dutch military boxes dated 1922 and 1923 are in my collection. There are Kynoch records from Jan 1922 indicating that the ammunition was ordered by Vickers Ltd. A number of orders by Vickers are recorded in 1922 and 1923 with the last order I have a record of from Jan 1924. Interestingly there is a 1924 entry that indicates 9mm Para using Kynoch cases was being loaded by Eley. These were probably the 1922 cases mentioned above. It is possible that Eley loaded all the Vickers Luger ammunition.

Also interesting in the order book is a million rounds of 9mm Para ordered by the Irish Free State in Dec 1922!!! No indication of the headstamp, but probably Kynoch commercial.

There is also a tinned dummy of the Vickers Luger round dated 1922, unfortunately, not in my collection.

Again, a great drawing. I hope someone had the cartridge and posts a photo!




The top lines of script read as follows;

To guide contract No 962/10/1272 26/1/20, only, a/c Vickers Ltd
Vickers No 70046g (16-A.P)

I hope this helps.