Eley Alphamax buck shot cartridges

Hello ,
I am a new member here. I was hoping that someone could give me some information on the following cartridges :
Eley Alphamax LG
Eley Alphamax SG
Eley Alphamax SSG
Eley Alphamax AAA
Eley Alphamax rifled slugs
Does anyone here know from what year to what year Eley Bros had manufactured each of these cartridges ? And l would be most grateful if anybody here could provide me with a catalog page of Eley which lists or illustrates these cartridges.
I appreciate any assistance.

Hello Buck,

Here is a scan from an Eley (IMI) catalog dated April 1970 offering LG, SG, SSG and AA loads:



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Thank you so much for your kind assistance. I really am grateful.

Would you happen to know if Eley also lists any 3 inch Cartridges for LG , SG , SSG or AAA in your catalog ?

No, there isn’t any 3 inch for those shot sizes, only BB, 1, 3, 4 and 5.

Thank you so much , Fede.
I have one final question . Would you know what is the Earliest Eley catalog which lists LG cartridges ?

You ask about the current popular letter shot sizes and not loaded by Eley Bros but the successors to the old Eley company.
Alphamax seem to be introduced in 1935 till 2005.
Alphamax magnums were introduced in 2005 (from C.Harding’s book).

My old Eley Bros price list from 1910 lists LG shot size as well as MG ,SG to SSSSSG and A to AAA letter shot sizes.

I hope this gives some idea of letter shot sizes and years.

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Thank you so much for your assistance .
That is exactly the information l needed.