Eley Cartridge Board

Picked up this Eley Cartridge Board at SLICS! Anyone able to date it or provide a picture of what it looked like in its frame?




@Mel Here are the close ups of the .577s you wanted.

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Hi Aaron,

Excellent find, congratulations! As far as I can tell, the latest cartridge would be the “.45 Marlin” (1884) listed in the May 1886 price list. The .32 S&W is listed for the first time in a price published on January 1, 1885, that does not include the “.45 Marlin”.




Thanks! Perfect.


Thanks, @Fede

Aaaron, below you can see an example of a complete and framed board (the .577 Boxer Pistol is hiding on the right corner). There is also a slight variant showing the .4 Enfield-Martini above the .577 Boxer Snider, but the rest seems to be identical.




Fede, do you happen to know if there is Russian calibers on this board?
Any headstamps known?

Russian? Do you mean like a .42 Berdan? No, the only “Russian” cartridge is a .44 S&W Russian.

Any, including 7.62x39R, 7.62x54R.

No, it predates the introduction of those cartridges.

When was this board made?

I found this board too which looks like it has a steam in the middle where maybe the back was in two pieces like this.

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Aaron, I was wondering the same thing, it certainly has been saved/salvaged from a board as it is missing the titles from the top and the bottom. The only picture I have is the same board as Fede posted. Nothing else is even close to that lay-out style.


Stranger and stranger - see attached not quite the same board, but similar.
Note no seam on this one, but the weird thing is that three of the pics in this thread show a loose revolver round near the bottom, all in exactly the same place, and I can not see where it has come from. Am I missing something ??



It’s attached to the board. It’s a 41 long and then .41 short under it.

Thanks, so I was missing something - another Senior moment !
See my similar board, does not have this extra one.

Ignore the .577 cartridge on extreme left - this is not correct, a mistake of a previous owner.


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Very nice old board Aaron! You sure do have an eye for antiques!

Thank you for sharing this with us.