Eley casewall curiosity

I guess this is what happens when you have two to rub together. I received a handful of these and noticed that the case wall printing on some read right to left and others left to right. They are pretty close to an equal number of each in the batch. I don’t recall noticing this on any other printed case walls. Was this a one-off manufacturing error in this batch or was it common practice to feed the printed tubes in random direction?

That is a question I have often pondered myself. The vast majority seem to have the writing so it can be read with the head on the right hand side. To my knowledge there is no right or wrong.

The answer will no doubt wind up being as simple as, was the operator at the time right or left handed!

The English were not the only ones to do this. So a problem in the industry of a number of countries.

Maybe the tubes were printed before assembly?
Then the machine “desided” direction.