Eley "Crown"

I have this Eley “Crown”, but I have never seen it in one of Eley’s catalogs. Can somebody help me with information about this cartridges?

Hi Lars,

No idea about this one, but it is a great find.

Regards rené

Very nice, thanks for the pictures, it rings a bell I will have a look tomorrow to see if I have any info on it.


Thanks René & Mike,

I look forward to hear from you.

I can’t read what it says on the topwad but it appears to have been rebranded by a local gunshop or an external loading company.

I read the OSC as saying Bohn-Hansen Rodby (to be correct the “o” in Rodby should have a / through it but my keyboard is not setup for that) which I have taken to be the name and place of the company selling them (not tried to trace it as most of my info is for the UK)



You are tight, the OTC has Bohn-Hansen, Rødby. He was a local gundealer in Denmark long ago. I have never seen the “Crown” with an Eley headstamp.


I am sorry I can’t find anything in my catalogues for Eley Crown. I will ask a few others if they have anything.


I think the only involvement Eley had was to supply the case. Crown is not an Eley brand as far as I know. There were many loading companies in those days who would print the customers own name on the cartridge.

Vince I can see where you are going except this case does not have the customers name printed on it (only on the OSC) which leads me to think the case is an Eley named case, supplied by Eley for the customer to load or it has been fired and then reloaded by them! (I could be wrong with that line of thought).
I guess we will only know for sure if somebody can find a catalogue or information that substantiates that Eley made a Crown brand cartridge.


PS. Lars, as Rene said great find, well done.


A bit more information to your search from an email I sent to Jim Buchanan:-


Found this in my ammo file.

"An export load by Eley Bros for a gunmaker in Europe - A special order so not listed in any of the catalogues ".


Plus another photo from Jim of a 12 bore cartridge.


Hello Mike,

Thanks for the information. Do you know, if the “Crown” has been seen in other countries in Europe than Denmark?

Hi, Lars.
I have not seen this Crown other than the one pictured.
I may be wrong but I am fairly certain that this was a one off special order for the dealer B.H. Rodby.
At this time both our major manufacturers Eley and Kynoch offered to do special runs with a minimum qty 10.000 ?? for dealers and could even design the case print to order if so wished, at extra cost.

I have seen quite a number of these Specials and none ever appear in the firms catalogs for the obvious reason that they were not intended for general sale.

Jim Buchanan

Here is another from Jim that you wont find in a catalogue.

Also by Eley.