Eley Date codes?

Does anyone have any information on Eley date codes on their ammo boxes???

Mauser - the Eley dates codes are explained, from primary source material, in the Journal of the International Ammunition Association, Issue 449, May/June 2006, pages 36 to 39 (they Kynoch codes are also there). This is a sample of the kind of information that is found in the Journal, and reason enough to be a member of the IAA.

If you do not have access to this information, please PM me.

Thanks John…I really did a poor job of asking my question. I get so into my own interets that I sometimes forget other areas of collecting exist. What I really wanted was the codes on metalic centerfire boxes and the article you mention I passed over as only refering to shotshells. I have dug out the article and will look at it again this evening. Thanks for the response.

To be truthful, I am not sure if the date codes deal only with shotshell boxes or not. Certainly, there is shotshell information, and the basic letter in the article from IMI Ltd. to “Mr. Price” deals with shotshell codes from fairly modern times, when Eley made no metallics other than rimfires. However, the earlier cards with the Kynoch and Eley codes handwritten may apply to both. I tried the Kynoch codes on some boxes i have and they seemed to work - that is, they seemed to represent dates in the era that I suspect ed the cartridges to be from. The line at the bottom of the page 37, crediting the article, indicates that centerfire and rimfire boxes are included.