Eley-Kynoch 14 Gauge shotshell

Another collector I know recently acquired an Eley-Kynoch 14 Gauge shotshell.

It is not in very good condition, as it has been pierced to remove the powder, and the shot has also corroded and swollen.

Can anyone tell me what years Eley-Kynoch loaded and sold the 14 Gauge?

Thanks for any info.

Falcon, I think what you are talking about is the military/ police round for a converted Greener GP shotgun which is basically a smoothbored Martini. Is it stepped? The dating can be worked out if it says E-K but not by me. If its what I think it is it was made up to the late 50s and is probably still in use somewhere.

world.guns.ru/shotgun/brit/green … gun-e.html

Other than that, there were some14ga shotguns made but would be more likely to be encountered as pinfires. 14ga I think did transition to centrefire in the civilian market but not with any significant success. I doubt the ammo was still being made by the time E-K were forced into a rather uncomfortable alliance, but others may well know better than me.

Here are some photos of the shell. It is definitely not the stepped 12/14 Gauge Greener.

However, reading the guns.ru site, it says that the Mark I Greener Police Gun was chambered for a striahgt-sided 14 Gauge shell, so perhaps this shell was intended for that gun.

Unfortunately that shot have bulged the case due to corrosion, and someone drilled a hole into the side of the case to remove the powder. Therefore The round now has zero collectors value.

your shell is just a regular 14 gauge

The fact that it is unprinted brown and no 4 shot does give some weight to the possibility that it was produced for a military purpose. # 4 shot would not have been that common as bird shot, but #4 and SG seem to have been the sizes most favoured by the military just from random observation. And yes I believe it was only the later varient of the Greener that was stepped.

I don’t understand your sentence.

First model of Greener was 14 Gauge unstepped.
Only dimensions are slighty different of a regular 14 gauge.
Second model of Greener (12-14) was stepped.

I recently acquired a similar shell (in much better condition) loaded with #6 shot.

that plain red ELEY-KYNOCH !C! shell exists in 4, 8, 10, 12, 14, & 28 bore in my collection, which means it very likely also exists in 16 & 20 bore.

Harding {Eley Cartridges book] lists this headstamp production from ca. 1930 to Oct. 1963.

With the lacquer seal at the body / head seam I’d think it from the 1950’s.