Eley-Kynoch signs with export logo


Jim Buchanan turned up these two metal-sign photos & asked me to post them. They both feature the uncommonly seen logo used on export packaging, other than to the USA.


Neat, Pete. Any way to date them?



No dates on the actual signs, but that Eley-Kynoch ICI headstamp was in use from 1926 to 1963.



Thanks, Jim.


Jim had some trouble posting this reply to you so here it is.

Here is another with the same zig zag, the headstamp does NOT have the ICI logo which dates this one to post 1963.
Jim Buchanan



Very nice, again. There’s just no end to it, is there?



HI Pete,

You mention that this logo is not used for export to the USA!
Is there a different one used?
Or just nothing at all?

regards rené


Never seen any logo than the ‘standard’, ‘normal’, typical’ here. In fact I looked through my easy-access boxes for the logo & couldn’t find one with it. Not that I have all that many Eley Grand Prix boxes. Think Eightbore turned up a box, but he is in Merry Olde.

There was a thread on Mexican SS boxes that Fede (I think) started in connection with this logo on the shells or box.

Jim did a trade mark search for the UK & couldn’t find it.

You have anything rené ?

edited to add
Here are the shells with the logo that relate to the Mexican thread.


HI Pete,

No I have nothing with this trade mark on it.
For some reason I think I have seen it before on a fired plastic case coming from Australia or New Zealand.
But I cannot tell you if this is real or some vague memory error.

Would be nice though if I could ever add one of these you show to the collection.

Thanks everybody for posting info on this!!

regards rené


Jim B was trying to post this box but for some reason it isn’t working for him

So below is his post
edited once to change a below typo on my part from 1933 to the correct 1963

Here is a box with this logo
Eley Alphamax for export to Germany
The pictured headstamp indicates post 1963 production.


There is currently an Eley Maximum box on eBay.co.uk with the same type of marking.
These photos (slightly cropped) are from the eBay listing.


Pete and Jim, these German language boxes were made for Albrecht Kind, as discussed in this thread: British Shotshells Loaded in Mexico

Also, here is an ad from 1969:

For what it is worth, my earliest reference showing this Eley-Kynoch design is the cover of the May 1, 1961 Export Price List, and the latest is an Eley 12 ga. Tracer black/yellow box marked “Eley-Kynoch Factories of Imperial Metal Industries (Kynoch) Limited” and made in 1971.




Newly listed on eBay.co.uk is this cartridge board with the zig-zag logo.

(photos are from the listing)

British Shotshells Loaded in Mexico

VERY Neat board, but how the mighty have fallen !
Only a few metallics & plastic shell bodies, plus air rifle pellets. Sad.

Thanks Fede for the dates.