Eley Musket Caps

While rearranging things in my garage this afternoon, I ran across an old circular metal tin (about 1-1/4" x 2-1/2" dia) of Eley musket caps I’ve had for a great many years (probably pre-1960). It’s in fairly decrepit condition, but part of the paper label is still legible. What I can read of the label says: “…every description of small arms ammunition for military, sporting and target purposes; Military Percussion Caps (E. B. Quality, in a square) Manufactured at the Eley-Kynoch Factories Imperial Chemical Industries Limited, Metals Division, Witton, Birmingham, England; …H. M. War Department and Admiralty and to the Indian and Colonial Governments” I think it was likely to be a container for 200 or 250 caps, and it is about half-full, with a wad of brown-ish tissue-type paper in place to keep the contents from moving around.

This is not my area at all. From the label information, is it possible to approximately date this container? I am guessing it would post-date 1926, the founding date for ICI. What does E. B. Quality mean, maybe Eley Brothers?

For those of you into muzzle loaders, this tin was given to me by E. M. (Red) Farris, one of the founders of the U. S. National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association.