Eley needlefire cartridge - history?

Does anyone know much about Eley needlefire cartridges? From what I can tell they were introduced in 1860, and were originally made with a paper tube case body. However, every specimen I have examined seems to have a rolled brass foil body, covered with paper.

If anyone has any photos of the paper-tube version, please let me know. I have several variations of the brass foil version in 75-, 90-, and 110-bore. My hunch is that this style of case was introduced soon after Eley started working with Boxer on his case, but it is only a hunch.

I’m also looking for any ads or testimonials for the rifles and/or cartridges from period sporting magazines, etc. Any background material would be welcome.

Thanks - Dan

Here a a few of the paper-tubed needle fires:

Eley 110 conical ball

Eley 90 conical ball

Eley 75 round ball

Eley 75 conical ball

Eley?? 75 round ball seated within paper tube

Hey Guy - can you send me weights and measurements on those? The 75-Bore looks like it has “75 Bore” stamped into the bullet - haven’t seen that before. Also, the blue short range is one I don’t have.

All of the tan ones are similar to paper-and-foil ones I have sectioned. Interestingly the very first one I cut open - a 110-bore, pointed bullet, orange base disk - was a factory fault: it had two primers inside and a smaller powder charge. I’ll put photos up in a couple days. Makes me wonder how common that fault was. AFAIK it came out of the same box as a single-primer one I also sectioned.