Eley Nitro 455

I have recently come to find a handful of rounds that on the headstamp say
Eley Nitro 455
I believe it to be a British round used in the early 1900s, but other than that I’m at a loss. I was hoping someone could give me some information about this round and if it would be worth anything. Thank you so much.

As others will say, a side view and case length helps with any query.
My guess is a .455 Revolver cartridge Mk 11 case, 19mm. Smokeless loading.
Noted in hollow Manstopper, short flattish Target and lead round-nose with this headstamp. Quite collectable with this headstamp. I do not have it yet. $5 max ?

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That is the short lead projectile as mentioned in my Conjay Arms catalogue.
265 guns . Differs from the longer tapered usual projectile which is also 265 guns.
A nice cartridge. Definitely a .455 revolver mk 11. Cheers.

Make that 265 grains please. Not guns.

Thank you for all the information! I was really hoping for them to be worth a little more but definitely worth hanging on to. Thanks again!