ELEY NOBEL 12 Gauge Shotshell NPE

Today I got a brass NPE shuotshell Headstamped “ELEY 12 NOBEL 12”. The length of the brass case is 2.225". The case is lined with light brown cardboard which sticks up 0.35" out of the top of the case. The primer is a battery cup type and both the outer part and the cap appear to be copper. This item is in very good condition for its age, and appears to be almost new. The brass has a very ywllow colour to it. How old is this shell? I can post a picture if needed.

I think you have a so called “ejector” case.
Actually this is a standard paper shotshell with a very tall base

yes please

J-P, here are photos of the side of the cartridge and the headstamp.

its is an Ejector ctge of Nobel Industies Limited, London

Here is what I know :

In 1925 Eley, Kynoch, Curtis’s & Harvey et Nobel’s Explosives become parts of Nobel Industies Limited, London
Hstps are either Eley Nobel or Kynoch Nobel

In 1927 creation of Imperial Chemical Industries, this new company being made of 4 companies, the first one being Nobel Industries Limited
I don’t know the hstp of the ctges

In 1935 Imperial Chemical Industries changed its name to ICI
Hstp of ctges is : Eley Kynoch ICI

In 1962 ICI is renamed Imperial Metal Industries, Witton, Birmingham , England


All of my Ejector shells have two peice brass, would these just be from a different date?

Were these paper lined brass cases common in France also, I have a two peice brass 4 gauge lined with green paper. The only headstamp is a 4 but primer has S.A.F.M. with the A being smaller and raised up between the S & F and the G’s back to back under. Can anyone give me a rough date on this shell? Thanks; Jack

Thanks for the Info JP, so oes that mean my cartridge was made in either 1926 or 1927?

1925 to 1927 I think

picture please

picture please

jp; I am having problems posting pictures in a “reply”. I will try to get them in a new post for you. Thanks; Jack