Eley pinfire identification

Bonjour de France,

I have the 3 photos below , the length : 63 mm and the weight : 130 grams

What is it ?



I have been told that these are a chamber gauge or headspace gauge.

I don’t have one but here is another from someone I know:

image image image

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Eley Cartridges by C.W. Harding talks about various gauges they made a little bit (page 71, 85) but they are later ones.

These Irvine patent gauges have a screw in case like that too:

@PetedeCoux , @ArmourerJim ?

I can’t find it right now in the book, but I remember somewhere in it saying something around these early gauges is really what contributed Eley’s success as these were given out free to the gun makers and then a lot of guns were made to chamber Eley cartridges perfectly.

Thanks Aaron

I will try to buy this cartridge.


Did you end up getting the cartridge? Can you take pictures of the inside?