Eley Question

When did Eley or whomever their successors were [Explosives Trades - Nobel - ICI, IMI etc, stop manufacturing centre fire and Rim fire [other than 22 R/F and Shotgun Shells] Cartridges using a ELEY headstamp?

All production was transferred from the Angel Road Factory [it closed] to Nobel’s factory at Waltham Abbey in 1921 as far as I can tell but what after this? Terry.

A difficult one Terry - the official history is vague on this matter. However documents I’ve seen indicate that metallic production ceased in 1923 - and I believe shotshells went on til 1925. After 1925 the Eley name was retained but shells all made at Witton.
About 30 years ago I went to the old Waltham Abbey plant and it was a paint factory - but they found an old illustration of the factory for my benefit and then told me about how a few weeks before I’d got there, they’d knocked down a brick wall and found the space behind stacked with boxes of ammunition!! Too late again.

Thanks John,
I am filling in gaps in my data base, trying to put actual photographs or drawings of headstamps with the written headstamp, but when it comes to that little extra information Eley is as you say elusive.