Eley raised headstamp anvil


Can anyone identify the anvil used in this shell, circa 1872.
Its a paper shot shell by Eley. Has a small copper cap in a battery cup.

Thanks Terry


With out pushing one out to double check (as it is peeing down out there) and I wasn’t going down the garden in the pouring rain, I have decapped these and found the double anvil in them and also a single but mainly the double.

Why two were used I can’t answer but I have found many were double anvils

Picture from an 1880’s catalogue showing that self same anvil.

To add, is yours steel lined?

OK, the rain has stopped so been down the garden and decapped the brown case (E.b. London) and a green case (Eley Bros. London) raised head stamp just to double check.
BTW, my decapper pin is 0.009" larger in diameter than the flash hole in the older cups so you can see the burr thrown up by the decapper and the very slightly raised cup flange.

Pictures attached below.

The brown case is on the right hand side and the green case on the left. Both caps mic at 0.175" diameter. So Blue and Green the better qualities and Brown the cheapest quality case.

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Thank you so much Mike.