Eley Rapid Fire Match Shorts

I have Eley Rapid Fire Match Shorts in two types of boxes. Really they are two different cartridges. Can anyone please tell me dates of manufacture?

Lot MA-56 has nickle-plated cases and a light grey colored lube. The boxes for Lot MA-56 are the pasteboard type that were common in the 1950s. The light grey color in the lube might be a function of age.

Lot MI-17 has ordinary brass cases and a dark colored lube that looks much like present day stuff. This lot has a more modern appearing pasteboard box. The cartridges are held in place with a plastic holder. The plastic is opaque white.

I obtained these Shorts and many others from a man, since passed away, who was a serious competitor in the Rapid Fire Pistol game back when Shorts were allowed.


Welcome Richard

Photos of the boxes might help date them much better than just a lot number. Box designs are published in company catalogs while lot numbers are strictly in-house unless someone leaks the information or someone spends the time & effort to decipher their meanings.

Not sure anyone keeps track of these just by lot number, after all in several years time hundreds(?) of lots could be made, and the packaging design, the lube, the headstamp, and the cartridge holder or tray, could or could not change as they evolve.