Eley's Improved Patent Wire Cartridge No. 1

I recently bought a collection.
It has a great variety of stuff, including items a way out of my league.

I have many questions, but I’ll spread them out a bit!

After doing a bit of Googling, I believe this to be a sort of “shot cup” for muzzle-loading shotguns.
If I have it right, it uses a soft copper mesh to hold the shot.
I haven’t heard of 6 gauge before. Was that mostly used in the ML era?
This is what I found so far.

My cel-pics

Thanks for any help!



I started collecting these silly shot concentrators several years ago. Eley and Joyce argued over who rightfully developed and patented these wire basket concentrators back in 1828. It took a while before they were accepted by shooters due to problems of inconsistent opening. Bone dust was settled on and seemed to do the job. Although I can’t tell for sure but yours seems to be a green long distant variety. They made several other colors and types including for breech loading guns (without the wire). They come with various shot sizes and gauges from 36 to 2 with all sizes in between. They also vary in length with different amount of shot. They were even used in the Civil War and by stage coach guards.
I published a book years ago on Early Shot Concentrators and Spreaders. I still have many copies available if interested, send a private message. There are a lot of different kinds of concentrators, from springs, thread wound cylinders, and sliding cups, most were short lived but the Eley concentrators saw the greatest acceptance. The advent and acceptance of choke boring brought on their decline.


Thanks for the info, Muck.
I knew that if it is ammo related, there would be someone here that knows lots!

Good evening Gary, I would be very interested and very grateful if you would let me buy one of your books to assist with my MSc.



Please send me a message to gmuckel9@gmail.com with name and address.