Eley's Special order load offerings

Hi guys . I got a question . It came to my knowledge that in the 20th century , Eley used to provide their customers with the option to make special orders for ammunition not listed in their catalog . For example , even though LG was listed only as available in the 2 3/4 inch Alphamax case in the Eley catalogs, a customer could order LG shot in a 3 inch Gas Tight case , through special order and Eley would specially load those cartridges for the customer . Does anyone here know how long Eley provided customers with the option for special orders , which were not listed a a catalog item kept in stock ? To my knowledge , the service still existed in 1952 and was mentioned in the 1952 catalog . Did it stop in the 1970s , or something ?
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Not only would they load cartridges but the special order could specify the case wall print, the color of the paper, the powder charge, powder type and even the headstamp.

In 1967-68 I worked at John Wilkes, 79 Beak St.in London, Tom came in with a great bunch of 12 bore Doughty brand John Wilkes shells, red paper, black print and as I’m not near them at the moment I think the headstamp was the Eley-Kynoch ICI style. I don’t know how many but it was probably the minimum quantity order. Found in white boxes with a wrap-around black-printed white paper label.

When you say Eley you should be aware of the times they were actually Eley or Eley Bros. & not Nobel or ICI or otherwise owned / managed.

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Thank you . I suppose , as a whole . Eley , Eley - Kynoch , ICI , IMI . I would just like to know when they stopped offering special order services.

Did this service last into the IMI era ?

No one ?