Eliminator-X and Devastators


I recently purchased some older "Eliminator-X ammo which has the X on the tip and was supposed to be some sort of exploder or “detano-tip” as they called it. The ammo I have is .357mag shown below and came six to a pack. I know that originally in the early 1990’s this company was distributing it’s own ammo, but in the late 1990’s and the past ten years, it has been marketed almost exclusively through the likes of Firequest.com and Hi-Vel.com. Firequest has even put their name on the package for the past 10 years at least. I picked the contents of one tip out of an otherwise normal .357mag hollow point and it came out to just under 0.5gr. The sticker on the tip is just a small black sticker with a white “X”. The compound in the tip is mostly white with some red streaks. Below you can see the powder as picked out. It looked like crushed coral almost, or match heads mixed with something. I assumed it was some kind of Tannerite mixture? I put the powder on my bench-vise’s anvil and whacked it with a hammer, and it did nothing other than produce an obvious sulfur odor like a match. Anybody know what the compound is?

A website other than Firequest which seems to specialize in this ammo is here: http://www.fastfire.biz/ammo.htm and Firequest’s current incarnation of the ammo is here: http://www.firequest.com/DV99.html labeled as “Devastator” ammo, not to be confused with Bingham Exploder co.'s similarly later-named offering of exploder ammo with primers in the tip.