Eliminator-X video - 9mm exploders - very funny

You have to see this video to believe it. It’s the gun & ammo video guy that you see in a bunch of the promotional videos, Lenny Magill, doing a promo video for Eliminator-X ammo back in 1994. This ammo was the stuff that had a “detonating compound” in the core which supposedly exploded upon initial penetration…? The funny thing in the video is that the Winchester Silvertip performed just about as well as the Eliminator-X. It does show a good close up of the actual bullet at the end though which is handy for collecting purposes:


DK - you’re right, it was pretty silly - silly that they ended up releasing the tape. The silvertip in a sense was more explosive in the ham than the X round. The pieces flying off the ham were very small, or that’s what my eye caught. Looking closely at the hit with the X round, one very big piece of ham, enough for a really good sandwich, “broke off” in one piece and just fell to the ground. Again, that’s what my eye saw. I couldn’t be bother to look at it a second time, but it was interesting to see it once.

John Moss