Elon Musk’s Flamethrower (The Boring Company)


I am not sure if the correct pronunciation for this company is “bo-ring”, or just “boring”. At a decent price, one of these bad boys can be obtained.

(10,000 of these were sold within 48 hours!)

Get them while it’s “hot”!




Oh good, just what is needed in this currently very bizarre world, a gun-like flame thrower available on the net for public sale.

I guess Elon Musk isn’t as anti-gun as I thought? Or maybe he is.


Well he certainly isn’t anti-flamethrower.


I think this will keep firefighters on their toes unfortunately.

Cool item, but what purpose would this serve, other than saying you have a working flamethrower!?

I will stick to flamethrower ignition cartridges instead!



That’s not a flamethrower but a dressed-up propane blow torch that probably cost less than $100.


In essence, a Boring flamethrower.


Like Fede said, these are just dressed up weed torches that only throw flame for about 12" to 24" fueled by a 1lb canister


That’s a sales volume of $ 5,000,000 in two days??? Sometimes, Americans can be weird … Flamethrowers are prohibited in Belgium by gun laws. Is this device a flamethrower? Maybe that’s up to a judge but I would say yes because of the very distinctive look.


“A fool and his money are soon parted”


Dirk - flamethrowers are legal in the U.S., and there are two commonly sold models which are more like actual flamethrowers - the X15 - https://throwflame.com/ (and soon to be released X18, and then the smaller XM-42M, which is still much better than the one from Elon Musk - www.xm42.com


No discussion, Matt. No judge needed. Oh yes, we differ a lot in our methods fighting against some nasty ants at the garden-door.


Dang Matt! Now THAT’S a flamethrower!!!


I need one of these to start the Weber BBQ grill.


Oh, then you need to find the video that was on-line a few years ago! As I remember it, a couple of guys had an on-going contest to see who could light a working (ready-to-start-cooking) charcoal grill the fastest. They quit after a discussion with the local fire department when they had gotten to a 6-second start (from no fire) time. It seemed to involve dumping a gallon of liquid oxygen onto the charcoal. They said that if they used a good brand grill, like a Weber, they could get one or two starts out of the GRILL!


Have but to laugh. Left leaning Canadian network news panicked and looked into it. They checked with the RCMP (?) who informed them that technically there was no law prohibiting anyone from owning this (or any real flamethrower for that matter) because they don’t fire (sic) a projectile.

I suspect the border agents would take a dim view of transporting it into the country though.


Saw it on the news, Musk’s is a waste of $500.00. only has a 1&1/2 or 2 foot flame, maybe good for ligthing the BBQ
I think a modified leaf blower might work better.


After seeing the one Matt posted above, it is no wonder why Musk’s is Boring! Haha!