EM-GE Leuchtrakete Cal. 320


This Moritz & Gerstenberger box from 1933 contains six .320 Revolver blank cartridges designated “Spezial-Platzpatrone Cal. 320” and six flares designated “EM-GE Leuchtrakete Cal. 320” (two of each color).
These were used in EM-GE Mod. 5 pistol.


Any idea who made the blanks ? I have loaded rounds with the " REV * 450 * " headstamp and I have yet to find out who made them.


Hello Chris, nice to hear from you! When I found this box with these already known “unknown” headstamps thought I was going to finally have the answer. No luck, manufacturer is not indicated. At least we know these are c. 1933.

Those .450 always show up with yellowish brass cases; have you found any similar rounds from other manufacturers?

By 1939 these special blanks and improved flares were produced by RWS and illustrated with RWS 320 headstamp. Illustration from Geco 1939 catalog:


That headtsamp looks RWS-style to me… so that could be a proprietary headstamp especially made by RWS for Em Ge


The rounds that I have in my collection in .450 all look “normal” in terms of the brass patina. Is it possible that the ones that you find down in Argentina are “fresh out of the box” and have a yellow-ish look to them !?! All the rounds I have are ball – both copper and brass primers with minor variations in bullet shape. I have do not have a blank with this headstamp (yet !).

In terms of origin, the .450 caliber ones (headstamped REV * 450 *) do not look as if they were made by RWS. The primers are of different sizes and the style of lettering (on the .450) is different from RWS rounds. However, since we don’t know the origin, any manufacturer is a candidate !