Email notifications


I’m getting a email sent to my email account every time that a new thread is posted this has never happened before until today. I clicked the unsubscribe button but they still come thru, how can I stop this from happening? My email account isn’t that big so if I’m away from the computer my account would get full.


did you try going to the user control panel at the top left and then clicking manage subscriptions on the left?


I get the opposite, I don’t get notifications when a thread that I am interested in has been updated. I gave up on that one long ago.



I rarely get notifications (even though I tick the boxes), it just seems to happen occasionally at random.


Thank You i’ll give it a try


Carolyn & Others–We just updated the software yesterday. This corrected a number of bugs in the older edition. How “Email Notification” was affected I’m not sure. But these new problems may be associated with the update. See ChrisB’s post at the top of the listings. If you want “Email Notification” and it has not worked for you in the past, I suggest you retry it now. With the new version of the software it might work where it didn’t before. No guarantee, but worth trying it.


Thanks Ron. I can’t exactly say that the upgrade is the issue; so many variables. Just to let everyone know, I don’t read the forum that often. I use it more like a reference book–I look up stuff when I am interested. So if you have a concern, you all need to PM, e-mail me or contact one of the other mods and if they can’t resolve it, they’ll let me know.



Hey! I’ve received two e-mail notifications today, perhaps the problem has been sorted, I hope so.



Yep, I’m getting them now, too.