Empty .22 boxes

I shoot a lot of higher-end .22 rimfires. Does anyone collect empty boxes? I’m in the US. Probably too much hassle to mail them out of the country.

I do, be happy to have some I don’t have!

Just curious, what is high-end for .22? I do not normally collect .22 hence the lack of knowledge.

RWS R50 ?

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Tis wind, weather, availability, rifle, distance & match-dependent for me. Eley Black or the 2007 Tenex overrun packaged as Club Extra, or Lapua Midas with its various following letters or symbols, or Lapua Center-X for the most critical matches or when I’m going for a personal best. When there is lots of wind, glare or mirage, no sense in paying for upper end stuff. Then I select German-made Wolf Match Extra or S-K Rifle Match.

Distance is a factor. If it’s a 50-foot or 25-yard match, almost anything will do. I’ve seen CCI Blazers place in the top 3 in a nationally-ranked offhand match, 50 shots at 50 feet.

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Some of those you mention I might have as empties, but as companies seem to change boxes regularly so I would like to compare?

There is low end (cheap & poorly built) & high end (expensive [double digit prices per 50 rnd. box] & high quality)
However waterman has a valid point that sometimes inexpensive does the job just as well.
I’ts been a sometimes printed-opinion that up to a point a firearm “likes” one brand over another.
In match shooting you can’t afford poor low-end ammunition because all you will do with it is loose,
I once had a case of Remington Standard grade which in about every other box I had a misfire. It was accurate enough for my level of shooting but used for practice only were I could afford the alibis.