Empty 9mm Box (Edited: Old box reused in 1940's.....label indicates one or more components are of Czech origin)

The dimensions in German propellant designations are given in millimeters.

Thanks. I thought so, but I wasn’t sure (thus the lack of markings on the dimensions). It’s hard for a person who thinks in standard measures to conceive of metric ones.

Also, my notations here are for two groups of people

  1. People who might have trouble reading or comprehending the labels.
  2. Tyros who don’t know anything about the subject being discussed who want to learn.

I’m not doing it to step on anybody’s toes.

The big problem we have here is that there are a lot of grognards who have a lot of head knowledge or resources on these subjects who discuss them like everyone’s on the same page. That’s one of the reasons I post questions, so somebody who sees an interesting post will get the full story about the subject from the heavy hitters. There are items on here that you don’t see very often (if at all) and we should spread the knowledge around.

I agree with your intentions and did not intend to imply you were stepping on anyones toes.