Empty case at my home

I bought a house 15 years ago in Huntsville Alabama. It has I guess an empty case with these numbers on it. AMM LOT MA-SP-259 under that it has this " CTG M344A1 EMPTY"
And on the other side of the bottom it says “FOR RIFLE M40A1’ That is printed on the bottom of this item. Engraved are number " 23 31 1966” also engraved is this " 106MM-M946" it looks like. Anyway, I don’t know what I have here. It looks like a missile. Is it worth anything? Is it junk and can be thrown away with no problems? I don’t have any idea. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

not junk

Hi bottrot,

Can you please post a photo?



Sounds like 106 mm Recoilless Rifle Cartridge.

Hello, here is a picture of this Recoilless Rifle Cartridge. How much is it worth? Should I post it on ebay or take it to a pawn shop? Thanks. Scott

Hi bottrot,

Things offered for sale or trade on this forum can only be offered in the buy/sell/trade folder, which you need to be a paid IAA member to do. Selling on Ebay might work, but they are somewhat inconsistent with their enforcement of what they allow as “inert” or not. Gunbroker is probably the best place online to sell it, and you might find comparable values for a price from completed auctions there. Condition is everythng, and the original print is considered important.