Empty paper hulls


I pulled a bunch of empty (shot) old paper hulls from my collection shelf… can’t recall how I got them… maybe with some unfired ones.

Ready to trash them… is there any reason why not to?? Some are Peters Victors, etc…


Post the list on Buy/Trade they will be worth something to some one who knows what people will trade for. Any USCCO? Vic


Any paper cartridges are collectable now. Theres a whole generation out there that have never seen them.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure… so if you are going to trash them, let me send you my trashcan location and you can dispose of them thru me.

Vince made a very good point but many things that we look at today as standard will be tomorrows collectables. Bismuth Cartridge Company, brass shell heads, Remington’s Duplex shells, lead waterfowl loads, paper hulls; all of these are obsolete or nearly so, if not rare, and warrant collecting… by some.


Off topic and I hope the moderators see beyond that to the point I am making.

Near where I live is the British Motorcycle Museum. There is a man who rents a building there and it is full from floor to ceiling with mundane domestic junk. Old telephones from the 60s, answering machines, food mixers, kerosene heaters, “brick” cell phones record players etc. All bought from garage sales and none of it cost more than £1.
Its fascinating, even the most mundane items become interesting and desirable when someone takes the trouble to pull it all togeather.