Empty Primed Paper shotgun shells - value?


Howdy folks, I’ve been cleaning out the gun closet and came across some items I wanted more info on, so I searched the Net and found this site, so I signed up. I’ve got a box marked: “25 PETERS 25 EMPTY PRIMED PAPER SHELLS TARGET 20 GA. Blue Target Load Cases 2 3/4” Peters Cartridge Division REMINGTON ARMS COMPANY, INC. BRIDGEPORT 2, CONNECTICUT" The shells are in excellent condition, they still look new, headstamp is: “PETERS MADE IN USA 20 VICTOR”. Original box is in good condition. Are they collectible and if so what might they be worth?

I also came across a dozen Winchester Ranger 12ga paper shells, they are tan in color, 2 1/4" long and the brass is 3/8" high, top’s are printed 3 1/4 1 1/8 - 8, with a word above the numbers but I can’t make it out. Might they be worth anything?

Thanks, Matt


Welcome to the IAA forum lostjoyce… glad to have you here.

Your Peter’s primed empty cases were probably made between 1934 and 1940. Remington Arms took over Peters in 1934 and your 2 pc box is clearly marked so. The box and the shells are all very nice, from the picture, and if you put them on an auction site, you might get $50 or more for them. Value is in the eyes of the buyer but this should stimulate interest among serious shell collectors.

The Winchester Ranger shell you show most likely says STAYNLESS on the over-shot wad. These were around from 1925 until after WWII and are pretty common. I have a good many of these as extras and I would value these at something like 50 cents or less, each. I have one on my desk that is 3-1-7 and yours is a fairly heavy load, 3 1/4-1 1/8, so I would guess it was a later load.

Thanks for posting and keep cleaning, might find some more interesting stuff in that closet!


Fantastic! Thank you very much Mr. Shotmeister for the thorough and detailed information, and for making me feel welcomed here!


OK how about a SEARS 12ga shell? It’s plastic, 2 1/4" long and the brass is 3/4" high, the side is marked XTRA RANGE 4 LOAD.


Again, not particularly uncommon because a good many of these were made and not that long ago, 60’s, 70’s. Federal actually made these, for Sears, and you find almost identical loads made and marked for Western Auto, Revelation brand. If someone was putting together a particular collection, they might be interested in the headstamp because its a variation of several but again you are looking at less than $1.


Wow - great info…Thank You, again!!


Hi all, I am interested in selling this box of Peters shells. I’ve got them listed on GB if anyone is interested…Thanks

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Everything has a value and everything is collectable to someone. These cartridges are part of an era now passed and should be preserved.


I agree - that’s why I’m trying to find somebody who wants them, otherwise they’ll end up being discarded or destroyed…