Engel Auction June 12th


Vic Engel has his catalog on line, and you can bid without buying a catalog.

Auction date is June 12th, so hurry.

His website is engelscollectibles.com


Thanks for that heads-up John. I was just about to call him to see what was going on.



I got something I really wanted. =)

Also, I saw that there was a “.22 American” (ILARCO) in there that is going for a reasonable price (it was up to $30 last I checked) considering they are pretty hard to find. We talked about that cartridges here for like 3 pages a month or so ago. The rimfires end at 9PM Eastern.

I did not bid on too many more rimfires, but since I did not get some of the pinfire stuff I wanted I think I may call back in and bid on a couple rimfires that I would like to have.

Auctions always amaze me. Things that I have paid dollars for go for big bucks and some things that I think are worth a lot more go for a lot cheaper.


Some idiot kept bidding me up on a .45ACP dummy! What kind of fool pays over $150 for a .45ACP dummy?!?!? Oh, that was me. I hate auctions! At least I got some good items.