Engels auction items


Now that the auction is getting over, has anybody else noticed any interesting rare items that were not described in the auctions? I mean such as items in lots, or items with vague descriptions which did not explain what it was in detail and which turns out to be a rare cartridge?

The one I was keeping an eye on and ended up winning was for 4 .38spl cartridges, which had 2 KTWs, one Winchester metal piercing load, and one other oddball. None of them were really described, especially the odd one. That odd one is a Forsythe Load, and is an oddball experimental penetrator rd from Chicago circa 1960s. That is all I know about it because that is all that was on the index card from the one place that I saw an example of this cartridge - from the Woodin Lab.

In the photo below, from top to bottom they are - Winchester metal piercing load, Forsythe load, KTW with Teflon coated brass bullet circa early 80’s, and an original KTW with Teflon coated Kennertium bullet from the early 70’s. The Forsythe load has a look which resembles some of the very early KTW prototyes back when Dr Kopsch was stuffing different steel penetrators into cases with lead or brass cupping / banding, but is not quite the same as his. The Forsythe reminds me of some of the old Nordenfelt penetrator loads for deck guns which were steel bullets with lead driving bands.


If I told you I would have to kill you. ;)


Matt, you’ll probably get a few serious answers when the goodies get into the winners’ hands. I know there are probably a couple of sleeper-gems in the lots I got. At least I hope so!