Engels collectibles payment problem

Can somebody help me with payment to Engels I paid with PayPal money was blocked on my account bid after 3 days payment was not accepted so I needed to cancel payment. Is this mail correct for Paypal payment. vicengel@engelscollectibles.com many thanks for everybody. K

The money was returned to me but I don’t know how to pay it please help me somebody.

PayPal has an anti-gun policy, which means it wont process payments for guns, ammunition etc. Did you put any comment in the description to this effect?

No I only gave there Engels email address and that’s all

ALWAYS when using paypal to buy ammo, make sure you use the “Friends and Family” option of paypal, and list it as a birthday gift, or a loan, or anything that does not sound like you are buying ammo OR cartridges.

Paypal/ebay is based in California, and are as liberal anti-gun as they can be, (although ebay allows the advertising by outside companies, like Midway, of cartridges and ammo on the ebay site).

An other problem is they might have flagged you and the seller as an ammunition sale, and may continue to block you.

Contact the seller IMEDIATELY, tell them what happened, and ask if you can mail them a cashiers check or money order by peiority mail, or FedEx next day air.

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Contact Vic, Pavel.

The problem may be the account or card associated with your PP account, or payment sent to a wrong address. Is that the address for payment on your invoice?

Which or what ever, CONTACT Vic.

Vic told me to send a check, I figured something was wrong with paypal

With this last auction, when I tried to pay with a credit card, Vic told me he was done with credit cards so send check or cashiers check.