Engine starter cartridge in gauge caliber

I need picture:
Engine starter cartridge in gauge caliber.

with permission to publication in articles about special amunnition in gauge caliber
(the next from cycle)


I have only this cartridge. You have permission to use the pictures.


This is quite a large field of makers, case sizes, colours and headstamps.

I have in my collection the following but will wait for others to reply.

Marshall starters in 4 colours and different hedstamps. UK and Aussie loads.
A.H.McDonald Richmond green starters.
.410 Atlas Copco diesel compressor starters.
1" Breeze and Triumph Plane starter.
1" Plane and motor starters purple UK and Aussie loads.
Assorted Australian tractor starters post 2000.
1 1/2" UK starters.

I wish you luck with your quest but this gives collectors an idea of what exists.Ron.

Thanks all for answer.

Have u searched back threads? There are several.

uffff… what’s a day :)

Ok lets little summary

Thanks DerkJan for picture. Probably it will be in the article if the publisher will not be surprised again.

For ron3350: Thanks, but I picked up this photo very quickly.

@Pepper - always search :)

And to to end this is preview articles without pictures. As soon as the full version appears, place it immediately. English text is on second half text, you have to scroll down a bit.

Wagomiarowa amunicja specjalna/ Gauge special ammunition/