Hi, all. I have a shell casing - I think - that is obviously German, but I don’t know much about what the impressions/stamps on the base are. If I post photos would someone be able to help, please? I also don’t know what the significance of any of the ‘art’ engravings is, if there is any at all? It is 230mm in diameter and is undoubtedly cut down as it is only 230mm tall. Unable to post engravings as I am a new member here. Thank you in advance of any help, Rich

I now believe this is a 21cm Mörser cartridge case, but it is engraved with a lion, poseidon and something else. Was it common to have these cases turned into ‘art’, does anyone know?

Sounds like you have a nice piece of trench art!

A couple of examples from the internet shown below:


Thank you, bdgreen. Not as nice as your example though. Here’s me thinking it was possibly a rare find too, lol.