Engraved primer ctges

For almost all of my handguns ctges from US origin of my collection I have 3 different ctges:
One hstped REM
One htsped REM-UMC
One hstped Winchester
All of them having an engraved primer.

I need to keep only one of each caliber.
Which one is the scarcest ?
(I think Ron can answer to that)

JP–Well Ron will try to answer your question. I will make some assumptions, which may or may not be correct.

Assumption 1: By “engraved” I assume you mean with a letter on the primer. A “U” “U” or “W”.

Assumption 2: By “Winchester” I assume you mean “W.R.A.Co.”.

Now for answers. I would not say any of them is more “rare” than the others. ALL are very common. The one question I have is the one you list with the headstamp “Rem”. I have never seen this headstamp on a Pistol or Rifle cartridge, only on modern .22 rimfire.

The letters indicate that the primer is for use with Smokeless powder and were used from about 1900 to roughly 1942. There may have been a few types of cartridges that used these primers after WW-II, but I doubt it.

Hi Ron !
Thanks for your answer.
I printed the wrong name (REM insted of UMC) and I forgot one name (USC Co)!
Excuse me.

Once again
A) For the same bullet loading and all with letter (or drawing) on primer

  1. “WRA Co”
  2. “UMC”
  3. “REM-UMC”
  4. I forgot also "USC Co"
    Which one is the scarcest ?
    I know, you told me they are not scarce and same value.
    But for example UMC being older than REM-UMC the first one must be scarcer han the second one, isn’t it ?

B) Next question is : same hstp, same primer with letter, but different bullet : either a lead or a silver coler one ? which one to keep? !!

If I make no choice it makes 8 different ctges by caliber!
Plus “DC Co”, shot loadings, and so on.

I can’t keep as many.
Therefore I am counting on your knowledge to help me to make the good choice

JP–I guess it really depends on what you prefer. For myself, I would keep them all, but, if I HAD to choose I would pick the U.S.C.Co. with an intertwined “US” on the primer. In my opinion there is no significant difference in value.

As far as which bullet type to keep, it would depend on which cartridge you are talking about. For instance, in .45 Colt, a FMJ is MUCH less common than plain lead, but in the .455 Webley, the Mark III “Man-Stopper” lead bullet is much more desirable than the Mark VI FMJ. So, there is no “One” answer.

I suggest you stop worrying about “Value” and collect what you like best. A hobby is supposed to be fun. If it happens to appreciate in value along the way, then that is just a side benefit, NOT the reason on collect a particular cartridge. I have VERY few cartridges in my collection of about 12,000 that I could tell you what I paid for them or care what they are worth.

Hello Ron
first thanks
The problem is not a question of money, it is just I keep only one of each caliber: the scarcest one.

Sometimes it is easy because of the loading:
incendiary for 8 mm Lebel, 30-06(Pomeroy), 303(Buckingham) and so on
or because of the manufacturer :
DWM or G Roth number for most of the european rounds or some US ctges like 45 ACP, aso

Thanks anyway