ENTAC missile crate

I came across a metal ENTAC missile container on Ebay and was wondering how often these come up for sale? This can looks like the ones they used to strap to the sides of the Ferret armored vehicles and is pretty neat. The shipping is killer though at $119 out of Frankston, Texas. The can is listed for $99.


Years ago, I had an inert, ENTAC. It was so cool, but I sold it to raise funds for APFSDS specimens LOL. I have never seen the transport case. REALLY COOL!


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Sportman’s Guide store in South St. Paul MN has surplus rocket cases for sale in their store but you have to be there when they put them out. They sell quick!

They were available years ago, like all good surplus they dried up. I have one myself, now in the pile of stuff to sell.

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Thought that I had one of these (think you’d remember a thing like that) but it is actually for an SS-11 (AGM-22B). I do have the ENTAC dummy missile in the launch box however.


Ha! Us subs, I have the same warhead and box too!


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